Sex, Sharks and Rock & Roll

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The “Sex, Sharks and Rock & Roll” trilogy (in English)

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Vol. I (2015)

There really is no clean way to say this, so here goes: for as long as I can remember I have always loved animals, romance and music, especially percussion. In fact, I have been told I jerk harder than Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes when I’m shaking my booty to a decent beat. It is therefore no surprise that I steered my career into working with sharks and other marine animals, while keeping a private side business selling seductive lingerie and a few other toys – of the adult nature – and also occasionally playing my drums with friends. It’s not easy to explain how all this came to be. There really was no master plan at the onset and I certainly didn’t imagine I’d be doing half of the stuff I did over the years, back in the days I was thinking about my future.

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Vol. II (2016)

I certainly didn’t imagine my first marriage would open before it ended, nor did I predict I’d be marrying Princess Leia in Vegas, and I certainly didn’t see myself sitting down to write a whole lot of stories… Some involving sharks, some airplanes, some a touch of naughtiness, some boats, and some public aquaria, among many other things. But that is the way things happened and these pages kind of explain how all the pieces fit in the puzzle.

This is the second of a series of books, for the gods have been very kind and have showered me with many stories to tell. This second book covers the period between 2005 and 2015, which is when I started my Flying Sharks business and began teaching. It’s also the period when I got re-married by Darth Vader, but sadly fell prey to the Dark Side of the Force only one year after. However, although that period came with an infinite dose of sadness, the brave (new) world of online cupidesqueness provided for endless pages of colorful stories that would make “Christian Grey” blush and hopefully you, kind reader, as well. 😉

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Vol. III (2017)

The third (and final) volume of this saga takes us back to 2010 and the monumental order to the almighty Istanbul Aquarium, which became a book of its own, when one chapter became two, and then three, and soon more than a dozen.

Whether it was paying for one third of the total amount of imported goods in taxes, or wrestling with a boat captain about the number of cows he was to have on board, this adventure had us all pushed to the very limit, clymaxing in that horrific moment when a Turkish Airbus 300 crew member pushed us off the aircraft, moments before departure.

And, in the end, a bonus chapter, focusing on 2016, annus horribilis in so many perspectives, until the gods of online dating traveled all the way to… Serbia, and brought unexpected news of Love and stability… A new kind of adult Love, tempered with the knowledge that a lifetime of bliss may come with sacrifice, but that is the price for unparalleled feelings. As a lifetime of crazy slowly fades, the future looks inviting enough to… Start a family. For the world may fail you, but family never will.

I hope you enjoy reading these lines. I most certainly enjoyed – and enjoy – living them. Kindest regards,

João Correia

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“Tubarões Voadores” (2019 :: in Portuguese)

João Correia nadou com tubarões nas Bahamas, instalou os dois primeiros tubarões no Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa e foi responsável pela captura e transporte de todos os animais do Oceanário de Lisboa.

Abriu uma empresa de venda de lingerie e brinquedos marotos. Foi humorista e fez stand-up. Em 2006, fundou a primeira empresa portuguesa de captura e transporte de peixes vivos (para aquários e zoos).

Empreendedor por vocação desde miúdo, agarrou um sonho com unhas e dentes e não deixou que a vida fizesse perdê-lo de vista. Desde que abriu a Flying Sharks, nunca mais conseguiu prever o que o dia seguinte lhe traria, e a experiência permitiu-lhe elevar a arte portuguesa de desenrascar a uma quase ciência. Deste percurso, retirou lições e soube aprender com os erros, levantar-se depois de cada fracasso e criar uma filosofia de vida que lhe permite encarar cada dia com a expectativa e o sentido de possibilidades que fazem dele um professor, um empresário e um ser humano curioso, incansável e sempre aberto ao futuro.

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About the Author

João was born in 1972 and is a raconteur with a Ph.D. in marine biology, who’s been focusing his academic research on shark fisheries and conservation. A three times featured TEDx speaker – click here & here (*) -, he began his career in Bimini, studying lemon shark behavior, then became curator of sharks at the Lisbon Zoo (a very pompous title, considering he did little more than clean their poo), researched deep-sea shark growth, and then joined the Oceanário de Lisboa, where he’d become Head Diver and Curator of Collections.

(*) Sadly, there’s no video of João’s TEDx talk #2, at CentralTejo in 2013.

In 2006 he founded his own collections firm, Flying Sharks, and, as a professor at ESTM, he teaches future marine biologists. He also started an online lingerie business (Alalunga Lingerie) back in 1998, which is sadly not doing very well because competition is fierce in the online market, and João is too busy giving lectures and moving fish around.

Sobre o Autor

João Correia é apaixonado por tubarões desde criança e não deixou que a distância que separava países e unidades de investigação nos idos dos anos 80 o impedisse de concretizar o seu sonho de estudar esses animais.

Trabalhou no Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa, foi investigador no Instituto Português de Investigação Marítima, tornou-se responsável pela captura e aquisição de todos os animais do Oceanário de Lisboa e, pelo caminho, ainda encontrou forma de abrir um negócio de venda de lingerie e testar os seus talentos no stand-up.

Actualmente, deixou o humorismo, é orador motivacional, fala sobre empreendedorismo, lecciona várias cadeiras de Biologia Marinha na Escola Superior de Turismo e Tecnologia do Mar, em Peniche, e é fundador/gerente da empresa Flying Sharks, uma das poucas no mundo que captura e transporta peixes vivos.

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Tubarões Voadores

Sex, Sharks and Rock & Roll – Vol. I

Sex, Sharks and Rock & Roll – Vol. II

Sex, Sharks and Rock & Roll – Vol. III

Tubarões Voadores” (in Portuguese) printed copies available for 15 €.

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